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It is that time of year again...  The time to remind all those people who stop by at Edgalaxy for the latest news in tech and teaching but have not yet truly connected with us to do so...

Don't worry, it wont hurt and will take less than a minute to ensure you are always up to date with the latest tech, tools and toys in teaching.  Here's how you do it.

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Get our First Ever eBook Free: 13 Tech Ideas that will Change the way you Teach

After many requests from readers I have finally got around to putting together an eBook.  The book is titled "Become a 21st Century Teacher Two Hours - 13 Technology ideas that will change the way you teach."

And no matter what level of Nerd you are I guarantee there will be a few ideas and tools you can use with your students immediately.  The book is completely free of course and you simply need to click on the image below to find out more and get your hands on it.

I hope you enjoy it and hopefully the next won't be too far away.

Teach your kids how to use the web smarter and safer: Welcome to the Web


welcome to the web"Welcome to the Web" is an interactive set of web pages which can be used to teach children (and adults) about the Internet. They can be used in the classroom / computer room and children are welcome to explore them as they wish (although they have been designed to use in sequence).

The resources are in split into seven sections:

  1. The Beginning - explains how to use the site.
  2. Getting Started Online - teaches children about the basic concepts involved in the Internet (World Wide Web, Hyperlinks, Back button etc). This introductory lesson also gives valuable practice in visiting and navigating around web sites.
  3. Staying Safe - encourages pupils to keep themselves safe online by following the SMART rules. Also tests their understanding usign interactive activities and fun quizzes.
  4. Using Your Browser - helps people to learn more about their web browsers... what are the different features and how are they used?
  5. Searching Online - teaches children how to search effectively, and keep themselves safe when doing so. Also identifies search engines which are particularly suitable for children to use.
  6. Trying Top Tricks - finding information on the net is great, but it is also important to know how that information can be used. This section explains about printing, using the Find tool to locate specific information within web pages, copying and pasting text, and saving images from the web. Also includes information about copyright and why it is important to credit others when you use their work.
  7. The Welcome to the Web Challenge - When the children have completed all of the sections of Welcome to the Web, they can complete this exciting challenge. It requires them to use all of the skills which they have learnt to catch the creator of a destructive computer virus!

When visitors complete the challenge, they are able to print a personalised certificate to show their competence in using the Internet.  Access ithere.

Share your files with the world. Lesson Plans, Apps, Videos etc.

This weekend I added a new section to Edgalaxy that allows you the audience to share your files with us and the rest of the world.  Lesson Plans, Video files, Applications the works. 

There is no restriction to file type and a whopping 1 GB size limit applies to a single file. 

We would love to share content you provide us in whatever manner you suggest and always give full credit to those that have supplied content to us.  You can upload your files here and we look forward to offering greater interaction with our audience.

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Just a quick reminder over the weekend that the best way to keep track of everything that changes on Edgalaxy including news, lesson plans resources, Ed Gaming News and our Huge Teaching ideas Mindmap is to subscribe to our RSS Feed. Follow the link and keep updated.

Edgalaxy is One

This time last year Edgalaxy began as a simple website for me to keep track of the many ideas and resources that I wanted to share with the 30 odd teachers I work with.  365 days on Edgalaxy attracted hundreds of thousands of teachers from around the world who have stopped by, offered feedback or even shared some of the great things they are doing in their classrooms.  I just want to say thankyou to all those who have made Edgalaxy what it is by simply stopping by every day and I look forward to many bigger and better years ahead.

100's of Teaching Ideas for you

Just a quick reminder before I hot the road to go camping for a few days to all check out our Teaching Ideas section here at Edgalaxy.   Basically is a mindmap of all the classroom resources I haver writtten about.  Check it out here - hope you enjoy.

My Delicious Links for 2009

As we approach the end of the Academic year down here in Oz I have just finished tidying up my delicious account that has over 400 fresh and working links all tagged to literacy, numeracy, age group, topic and VELS ( VELS is the Victorian Curriculum Standards) I hope you find them useful and remember to keep revisiting them here.