Which search tool should I use: Free Classroom Poster

This poster highlights the 'Big Three' search engines for teachers and students and highlights the strengths and weaknesses for each one.

Google Search
Wolfram Alpha

Your students will definitely find this a useful resource next time they reach for a computer to look something up as it gives them both purpose and direction on what to use and how best to use it,

I would recommend also taking a look at our "How to use Google Search like a Boss" Which has been hugely popular in teaching students how actually use Google Search with purpose and direction.

It has been a while since we have done a poster freebie.  So it would be great if you could give us some feedback.

Click here to download your free high resolution poster as a PDF document

Using Visual.ly in your maths lessons

If haven't already seen it visual.ly is the webs best collection of info graphics and basically a statisticians dream.  Visually takes any concept and breaks it down into the simplest key statistics and facts relating to thousands of topics.

As a maths teacher this offers a wealth of data to inform students and a great starting point to lead to larger mathematical questions.

For Instance the info graphic below is related to the explosion of Halloween Stores across the United States.  Take a look at this with your own students and do some of your own research in these areas to see how your students compare to the national average.  This will lead you to seek out further statistical information regarding your findings.

There are a multitude of options for using maths and writing in Visual.ly and it will really engage your students because it is current, topical and looks amazing.  Access it here.


Convert any web page to a PDF instantly

Not really much here to add.  PDFmyURL converts any web page exactly as it stands to a PDF document. much like a screen capture but into something that you have a bit more editorial control over in terms of dealing with text and images.  

This is a handy little tool for researchers or if you needed some evidence of what a site was running on a specific day. Access it here.

Universal Leonardo: Digital Da Vinci for your Students

What is it?  Universal Leonardo is a celebration of one of the greatest minds of all time aimed at deepening our understanding of Leonardo da Vinci through a series of European exhibitions, scientific research and web-based resources.  It contains interactive activities, research content, interesting games and tools and resources that will enable you to discover and solve some of the mysteries surrounding his vast amount of arstisitc and cientific work as well as his deeply debated personal life.

How can I integrate this into my classroom?  There is plenty of opportunities to tie in mathematical concepts such as symmetry and tessellation through the games area and then explore some scientific concepts such as flight and anatomy.  Obviously there is plenty here for history students and those studying biology and other areas of science to appreciate the insight and appreciation of Da Vinci's contribution to science over 500 hundred years ago and compare and contrast what we know today.  And I haven't even mentioned the art...

Check it out today here

Making Money from Lemons

This game is a great insight into the world of small business and free enterprise as students simulate running their own lemonade stand over 20 days and manage funds, ingredients and advertising. The race is on to see who can earn the most.  Click here for the Lesson Planner.