Teach your students how to write a personal narrative correctly


This activity will allow students to explore their own memories for potential topics for a personal narrative. 

A personal narrative is an authentic piece of writing that details the events of a life changing memory.  With the implementation of the new Common Core ELA Standards, the ability “to narrate” for an audience is a key component that all students need to master.  Allowing them to write about their own experiences provided motivation, insight, and an authentic audience (their family) to share their writing with. 

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25 Great Christmas Essay topics for Students


Writing at Christmas is an easier task for students than most other times of the year.  There is a special magic in the air as Christmas draws closer and students are full of emotion and memories associated with Christmas.

Finding inspiration hopefully will be a little easier if you follow these prompts below.  They cover a range of areas of writing.

If you have any Christmas writing prompts to add.  Please contribute to the comments below.


Have yourself a persuasive little Christmas.

Christmas is such a special day we should have it twice a year.

Presents are an important part of Christmas.

I can prove to you that there really is a Santa Claus by…

Christmas would be more meaningful if we removed presents.


Information Reports about Christmas

A history of Christmas through the ages

Jesus and the first Christmas

Christmas traditions around the globe.


Procedural & Descriptive writing tasks for Christmas

The right way to open a Christmas present

How to prepare a special Christmas meal or dish.

How Santa delivers all the presents of the world in a single night.

The best way to decorate a Christmas tree

Describe the sights, smells and sounds of Christmas.

What is more special to you?  Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

The perfect Christmas day schedule.


Christmas Narratives

The most memorable gift I ever received or gave…

How I saved Christmas.

How I discovered the true meaning of Christmas

How something so worthless meant so much...

U PLan - Narrative Planning Tool

Planning a narrative can be a difficult task for younger and inexperienced writers.  Narratives allow so much freedom and versatility over other text types that they can become a mess of well meaning ideas if a poorly planned.

This planning tool allows students to work through 8 simple stages to plan a well constructed  narrative including the editing phase. 

It is best suited to elementary / primary students or older writers who have difficulty organising ideas.  Enjoy!

Download the U-planner Here.

Teach your students to write fables with this great tool.

Fables are a great way for young readers to about some of learn life's important lessons.  They are also an excellent opportunity for writers to share important messages that are relevant to them now. 

Last week we used The Fable Planning Tool to construct fables with my grade 6 students, learning about messages, symbolism and even reading some of Aesop's work to learn how to construct a fable that will stand the the test of time. 

The at the end of the week we published our fables as picture story books and read them to our junior school.  The kids loved the process and it was a nice change in their narrative writing schedule at their age.

This planning tool includes a storyboard, examines characters and, setting and includes a large range of morals to get children in the right frame of mind. 

You can download the Fable Planning Tool here.  Enjoy.

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Download our free U Plan Narrative Planning Tool

Thanks to Scott at mytopten.com.au for this brilliant planning tool to ensure that students can identify and organise all of the key ingredients required to put together a great narrative.  Download the U-PLanner Here.

Lesson Plan on Writing Great Narratives

I came across this brilliant presentation from Mungo13 about writing Narratives.  There is a great deal of information here on putting quality narratives together for students of all ages.



Jenny Eather's Writing Fun - The best place to teach students about writing on the web

I have been using this site for a number of years now regularly to teach my students about different text types and share examples with them and just realised that I do not have it up on Edgalaxy. 

Jenny Eather's Writing Fun is a brilliant tool for any English teacher.  It contains step by step instructions on how to construct all major text types such as persuasive, explanatory, narrative and so on and has loads of examples from students to share on your interactive white board.

It also contains a range of planning tools and aids to help your students get the most from their writing sessions.  Quite simply this is my number one pick for writing resources and I strongly recommend you check it out here.

Pic-Lits - Interactive Image and word Bank for creative Writing

What is it?  Pic-Lits is a very simple site that has a bank of images for teachers to use to stimulate different styles of writing as well as a drag and drop bank of words you can select with with your students to describe what is happening in the pictur,e or just associate basic text related to the image.

How can I use this in the Classroom?  Pic-Lits would be great for snapshot writing sessions when you want your students to extend their vocabulary by using nuns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. Simply show them a picture then as a group select words you would like to see included with a related writing task and let them go to it.  Students could work through this process about 4 times in an hour depending upon their enthusiasm and ability.  Access it here.