A collection of lesson plan templates

I came across this folder of lesson plan templates that are freely available on the web.  As there is no one size fits all solution to lesson planning I thought these might be of use a reference tool in creating a lesson plan to best meet your needs.  If you have any other suggestions to add please feel free to email them through.

Free Halloween Themed Writing Pack - A Horrifically Useful Resource


Horror, suspense and mystery has produced some of the greatest literature and film of all time, and what better time of year to capitalize on this genre of writing than Halloween.

This Halloween writing pack will provide plenty of incentives and visuals to help your students produce their scariest work yet.

These themed writing packs look great and will inspire kids to write and step up their presentation skills as opposed to simply writing on standard paper.

Download the Halloween writing pack for free here.

The Pack looks great, and has 8 different themed pages that include.

  • A Visual map for planning the characters, setting, problem & plot.

  • A planning tool for constructing a narrative.

  • Half Page Dotted thirds with a space for a picture

  • Full page themed dotted thirds with images.

  • Bordered Themed lined writing paper.

We have a number of themed writing packs and other printable paper for teachers and students that can be downloaded for free.

400 Free Teaching Teamplates for Microsoft Office

Microsoft have really started to reinvest some time into education again over the last 12 months and today I came across this great collection of teaching templates for Microsoft office.  Nearly 400 of them.  they cover a mixture of purposes from classroom displays through to academic calendars, grade trackers and bookmarks for students and I guarantee nearly every teacher will find a couple of things here that would be of use to them. 

I would love to hear of any great templates you use in you teaching

Jenny Eather's Writing Fun - The best place to teach students about writing on the web

I have been using this site for a number of years now regularly to teach my students about different text types and share examples with them and just realised that I do not have it up on Edgalaxy. 

Jenny Eather's Writing Fun is a brilliant tool for any English teacher.  It contains step by step instructions on how to construct all major text types such as persuasive, explanatory, narrative and so on and has loads of examples from students to share on your interactive white board.

It also contains a range of planning tools and aids to help your students get the most from their writing sessions.  Quite simply this is my number one pick for writing resources and I strongly recommend you check it out here.

A Great Art & Craft site for Kids

I probably don't get as artistic as I should with my kids from time to time but the fact is that they love getting their hands dirty and actually creating something from scratch.  Kidopo is full of great craft ideas for teachers and parents with colouring pages, printable paper templates of and games for kids to get creative.  Check out Kidopo here. it might be just the solution for an afternoon of fun for you and your kids