Having had a bit of  a look atEvernote in the past when I used to use my PC and laptop in the classroom I could see it had some potential but didn't really see it offering me much to help me organise my student records, notes and data that other programs such as Microsoft's Onenote could do better.

I must say though that since giving the iPad app of Evernote I have never looked back.  I use it right throughout the day across all learning areas to take anecdotal notes on my students which go straight into saving me hours in the report writing process. 

I can easily record audio, video, and add photographs to those notes and everything is automatically backed up to the cloud in which Evernote runs.  It is incredibly quick and easy to jump from student to student and has never crashed on me - touch wood.

Evernote on the iPad is a non invasive app that doesn't get in the way of teaching and learning when working one on one with students unlike sticking a laptop computer in front of them which creates an instant barrier.

If you own an iPad and are really looking for a positive means to help improve your teaching and learning in the classroom then I cannot recommend downloading the free app today which is available on all desktop and mobile formats.

I would love to hear of any other great teaching apps you might use.