Make a simple paper bat for Halloween with your students

With Halloween just around the corner, why not try these fantastic bat decorations to spook up your classroom. 

This activity was created and put together by my lovely wife Belinda who contributes a great deal to the site.

They are quick, simple to create and look great.  They will definitely add a little spookiness to your house!

What you will need...Glue, Sticky Tape, a 19cm plate, a pen or pencil, scissors, black and white A4 paper.

Step One...Place your plate at the top center of your piece of black A4 paper and trace around it.

Step Two...Starting at the top of the piece of paper cut around your circle as shown, remember to keep the off cut, you will need this for the bat body.

Step Three...Fold your circle in half...along the folded straight edge cut out little half circles as shown to create the bottom of your bat wings. Tip...Make sure to cut the entire folded edge off so you are left with two separate wings as shown.

Step Four...Grab your off cut and cut the top of the circle template off as shown.

Step Five...Fold the two pointed ends over as shown...when you turn your piece of paper around, these will form the bats ears.

Step Six...Fold the top left hand corner down as shown...repeat with the other side.

Step Seven...Fold the bottom right hand corner in as shown...repeat for the other side.

Step Eight...Place a piece of sticky tape across the back to hold the folded edges in.

Step Nine...Glue the bat wings to the back of the bat, across the sticky taped edges.

Step Ten...Cut out some eyes and teeth...glue them to the front of your bat...and you are finished!

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