Lesson Plan on the Food Pyramid and Food Groups

USDA_Food_Pyramid (1).gif

This is complete lesson plan aimed at students aged 9 - 12 examining the food pyramid and the five food groups.  The purpose of this lesson is to inform students about healthy eating options and the manner in which a healthy diet contributes to a healthy mind and body. 

This activity will allow students to develop an understanding of the five food groups as outlined in the food pyramid and how to use the pyramid as a guide in maintaining good health and nutrition

At the completion of this activity students will be able to;

–Identify what we can do to keep our bodies healthy

–List the 5 food groups within the food pyramid

–Provide examples of each food group

–Analyse their dietary intake by separating foods eaten into the proper food groups

We would love to hear any feedback and thoughts you have to enhance this lesson.