Sell us your Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources


As you could imagine running a website like Edgalaxy takes a great deal of time and effort.  As a full time educator, husband and parent of three great kids, it can become difficult to find the time to create new lesson plans and teaching resources to meet the needs of our audience on a daily basis.

Edgalaxy is a non commercial site, entirely funded by my own time and a small portion of advertising revenue.  Further to this, I have no intention to commercialize or monetize the site in future.  So I am looking for extra content from our many readers and great teachers which is high quality, relevant and original to keep our readers coming back and to grow Edgalaxy.

So... we want to buy your ideas...  If you have quality material,  you have created sitting up on your laptop then we want to buy it from you.  To make it is as simple as possible we will pay you $10.00 per lesson, teaching idea or resource that is published.  You will get full acknowledgement for the content but it will remain on our site for others to use and share into the future.  Oh Yeah!  Obviously the work has to be your own.

Pfft!!!  Ten Bucks - What a cheapskate!  Yes, well if you just sell us one lesson plan or teaching resource then it's hardly worth your while.  I agree, but think of it this way.  You upload 30 old teaching documents you created last year that have been sitting up on your computer DOING NOTHING and we decide to publish 20 of them.  You have just made $200 dollars for about fifteen minutes work.  Treat yourself to something special why don't you?

So... How do you do this?    Simply upload your documents below, with your name a brief description of the resource, your email address and a PayPal email address so that we can pay you.  Following this you will receive an email from me advising you of how many of your lessons we wish to buy.  You will then receive  your payment via PayPal within 24 hours.  WE WILL NEVER PUBLISH ANY LESSON IDEAS THAT ARE NOT PAID FOR - GUARANTEED!!!  We have a great rapport with our audience and have no intention of destroying this over a $10 lesson plan.

Does this mean Edgalaxy will be charging for lesson plans?   Not at All... But the site has reached a point that it now needs greater input from creative teachers around the globe and I am prepared to pay to gain quality content.

So get cracking. Post up your lesson plans, Displays, posters, Multimedia, Tests, Templates and anything that YOU have created and had success with in the classroom because we are just itching to pay you some cash for your ideas and share them with the world.