15 meaningful recount prompts for secondary students

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Recounts can often be a dry and dreaded writing task for teachers and students as far too often we recount menial and boring events such as what happened over the weekend. 

These fifteen recount prompts will really encourage your students to think deeply and provide a an opportunity to find out a little bit more about ourselves and each other.

Excellent free recount writing tips for teachers and students can be  found here

Excellent free recount writing tips for teachers and students can be found here

If you are looking for an incredible free resource for teaching how to write recounts be sure to check out literacyideas.com.  It has complete guides to teaching all major styles of writing.

  • Looking back on our childhood, we often come back to key events that had a major impact on us. Tell about one of those defining events from your childhood.

  • It has been said that parents are our first and most important teachers. Describe a time when you learned a valuable lesson from one of your parents.

  • Recount a time when you found yourself in a perilous situation. Tell the story of how you got into that situation and how you survived it.

  • Far too often we take nature for granted. Describe an experience that made you appreciate our natural world.

  • We have all heard the saying “You should never judge another person until you walk in his or her shoes.” Tell about an experience that enabled you to better understand another person.

  • We all possess phobias and things that we are afraid of, and sometimes we find ourselves in situations that force us to face our deepest fears. Tell about a time when you had to face one of your greatest fears.

  • Sometimes something negative turns out to be positive—a “blessing in disguise.” Describe a time in your life when something bad turned out to be good.

  • Often we put people we have great admiration for so high on a pedestal that we forget they’re human. Describe a time when you realized that someone you admired was imperfect.

  • Have you ever forgotten something of extreme importance? Tell about your experience.

  • Sports are a big part of some people’s lives, either as spectators or participants. Describe a memorable sporting event.

  • Describe a time when you performed or witnessed a random act of kindness.

  • Describe a time when you witnessed something unbelievable.

  • Some unexpected experiences can help us mature from children into young adults. Describe one of those key experiences in your life.

  • It is an amazing experience when we create something beautiful. Tell about a time when you created something.

  • Rich experiences can take place when we travel. Tell about a memorable experience you had when you were traveling.

If you have any recommendations to add to these prompts please do not hesitate to share a comment below.