Charlie and the Chocolate factory quiz for teachers and students

Learning Intention / Overview

This quiz will access students’ understanding of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Ronald Dahl.  Students will read closely to determine what the text says explicitly as well as make logical inferences about characters and events from the story.  Students will also answer questions about key ideas, theme, and other literary elements.  This quiz will include questions from knowledge and reasoning standards.

Methods / Teaching Strategies


  Independent Task


Assessment of Learning

·         Quiz (provided)

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Great lesson for students about riddles


Riddles are often called “brainteasers” because they cause a person to have to think outside the box. This means that answers to riddles often have a double or veiled meaning. 

This activity will allow students to develop an understanding of what a riddle is and how to look at solving riddles.  The riddles worksheet and activity provides students with the opportunity to gain some basic knowledge and practice in reading and solving riddles.

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"Cold Read" Test Prep resource for students


“Cold reads” may sound like a strange term, but to any reading teacher that is focused on test prep, the expression makes perfect sense.  While it is important for students to read and discuss passages in a classroom setting, they must also be able to read, analyze, and comprehend text on their own.  This is exactly what a cold read is. 

            “The Black Hills of South Dakota” is a passage that is appropriate for fifth through eighth grade students.  After reading, they are presented with fifteen multiple choice questions that relate to their ability to interpret and understand the information provided in the nonfiction passage. 

This test prep resource relates specifically to the ELA Common Core Standards and the ability to determine main ideas, make inferences, use context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words, as well as recall supporting details that are stated directly in the passage. 

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5 Tips for Teaching Reading Comprehension

Teaching reading comprehension skills helps students learn how to decode the written word and gives them the skills they need to succeed. The old standby of skipping over an unknown word and trying to figure out the meaning from the context may be an important skill for beginning readers. However, relying too heavily on one technique can be dangerous. The more techniques the child has the better his chances of success.

Provide Background Information

Spend time building background information before you assign reading to your students. It's easy to assume that children already have experience with the topic, but experiences differ depending on the child's environment. Click here to read more