Why Adobe Slate should be your go to publishing app on the iPad in the classroom.

Over the last twelve months Adobe have produced some incredible free apps for teachers and students on the iPad.  

Adobe Voice has rapidly become my favourite presentation tool for students as it makes the competition such as Keynote and PowerPoint seem ugly, dated and unengaging for both the creator and the audience.   If you haven't seen it make sure you check out my complete guide here. 

To continue this run of innovative literacy apps Adobe have just released Adobe Slate which is aimed at filling in all the gaps of Voice  allowing students to create a presentation that requires a larger amount of text and imagery.  Something that Voice was designed to minimize.

Adobe Slate allows students to publish their projects online and in print to produce a product that looks like it belongs in Vogue or National Geographic.  

Students from years 3 up can easily create stories in Slate using an interface that makes it simple to add text, choose the right photo layout and apply curated looks and motion. Scrolling transitions make words and images move for an engaging and exciting read. Don’t just take my word for it click here to see what this blog looks like in a Slate.

I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a fresh way to express their ideas and thoughts on the iPad.  Download the app for free here and take a look at the video below for some evidence of it in action.